Hello, world! 

I'm Steph, a cybersecurity and data privacy lawyer and (recovered) public policy manager and engineering program manager working at the intersection of law and technology. 

I work at Perkins Coie's Washington D.C. office, where I get to help clients both shape and comply with the fast-changing cyber regulatory environment. 

I am a proud graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center's Evening Program, which I attended while working at Google.

At Georgetown, I undertook a tech-focused curriculum, including coursework spanning privacy law, national security law, intellectual property law, communications law, and antitrust law. I was a Technology Law Scholar and the recipient of the Tech Law Scholar's Award, recognizing outstanding contributions to technology law and policy. 

I also have a B.A. in political science from McGill University, where I graduated Valedictorian. 

Prior to becoming a lawyer, I worked at Google in Washington, D.C. and Seattle. Most recently, I led security public policy for Google Cloud, where I drove a number of cybersecurity public-private partnerships and industry collaborations, as well as regulatory initiatives, spanning critical infrastructure, secure supply chains, zero trust, vulnerability management, incident reporting, and standards development. 

Before that, I was a program manager for Google Registry and Google Domains, where I led Google's ICANN engagement, launched .app and .new, drove GDPR compliance efforts, helped build and launch Google Domains out of beta (eventually), and co-led a campaign to drive HSTS encryption.

I am a proud alumnus of Neustar, FairWinds Partners, and the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at American University.